"Plane driving license" : LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot License )

This course will take you to the first level pilot license

Key points of LAPL training course.

Obtaining your LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot License) is easier than a PPL, but it will still require some real personal implication. Flying regularly is the best way to progress quickly and in the most effective manner.

Practical training

Flights with instructor
and solo flights

The course will take you through flying basics, ATC communications procedures, preparation and execution of your flight navigation.

With instructor: 24h

Solo : 6h

Theorical training

With your instructors and via e-learning

We will get you ready for the theorical exam: both by courses in our offices, and via e-learning courses from the leading firm in France : Gligli. Your exam will be scheduled when we are confident you have the skills necessary to pass with flying colors.

Preflight briefings : before each flight

E-learning : wihtout any limitation and at your own pace


Roadmap of your training course

First flight in order to evaluate your skills and assess best training program, first solo flight, therocial exam, first solo navigation, and final test

First solo flight : usually after 10 to 20 flight hours

LAPL test : usually after 50 flying hours