About us

Who are we?

Paris Flight Academy is an ATO (Approved Training Organisation FR.ATO.0271) professional flight school. We are based at the Saint-Cyr l'école aerodrome (direct access by the A13 motorway or public transport)

Our school is committed to implementing a set of specific methods to provide quality education, adapted to the profiles of each student. Our ambition is to meet expectations in a precise, professional and safe manner. In particular, we will be keen to adapt to your constraints in order to optimize your training.

Paris Flight Academy strives to define with each of its students a personalized progression program. This programme specifies the objectives to be achieved in terms of planning, budget and resources implemented.

Our installations

Our flying school is located at the Saint Cyr l'Ecole aerodrome (LFPZ), the nearest aerodrome to Paris. Access is direct by car (A13) and public transport (RER C or transilien from Saint Lazare or Montparnasse).

Beyond this geographical proximity to Paris that directly inspired our name, the Saint-Cyr l'école aerodrome is an ideal base to learn how to fly a light aircraft. Indeed, it is a terrain with many particularities that require pilots to develop a high level of control. Trained in this demanding environment, you will learn to operate in complex airspace, manage sustained radio traffic and precise integration procedures.

Saint Cyr l'école aerodrome

Saint Cyr l'école is an aerodrome that concentrates most of the difficulties that a pilot may encounter. This is why it is the ideal basis for learning to manage and overcome them safely. Our professional instructors accompany our pilot students to gradually delegate to them the management of all the parameters imposed by the aerodrome. From experience we have found that when these constraints are integrated from the beginning of the training they do not pose any particular difficulties for the students. On the other hand, once licensed, pilots trained at Saint-Cyr l'école are able to integrate into other complex terrain.

Our premises are located at the entrance of the site (building N°100). They are comfortable and adapted to modern pedagogy.