Rent a plane

Hire a propeler airplane in Saint-Cyr l'école (LFPZ)

FAQ on our rentals

Can I hire a plane for several days ?

Yes you can rent our plane for several days,
the perfect offer for your travels projects with friends or family

Is fuel included?

Yes our pricing is fully inclusive of fuel

We also provide you with 2 fuel cards (Total & BP) to facilitate refuelling on visited airports

Do you have intructors available?

Yes our intructors are available on week days and weekends to help you get used to our planes and theirs avionics.

I've never flown in France, Saint Cyr...

Our instructors will accompany you for a complete ground briefing and, ifi necessary a reconnaissance flight of the airfield and its surroundings.

In regard with your experience, we'll adapt the program to allow you to hire our planes.